Instructions for Administration
  Administering the TSI


The Teacher Stress Inventory is composed of 49 stress-related and nine optional demographic items and takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is self-administered, with simple directions for completion provided on the form. The respondent completes the 3-page Inventory by circling the appropriate answer on the 1-to-5 rating scale, then summing and dividing scores. No special qualifications, techniques, or procedures are required of the examiner administering the TSI. Ideally, though, this person should be either a third-party nonparticipant or someone completely neutral about the problems that may be experienced at the school. The TSI should not be administered by a person in a position of power or authority at a given worksite. This may cause respondents to be less candid about work problems, even in situations in which the TS1 is administered on an anonymous basis. It is the responsibility of the examiner to assure a test situation in which response bias is minimized and respondent privacy and confidentiality are assured.