Test Norms and Interpretation


So far the respondent has compared his or her score on only an a priori or very simple basis. How this score may stand in comparison with those of a variety of other teachers -- whether they be regular or special education; male or female; or elementary, middle, or secondary-is another important consideration that may warrant interpretation. Doing so requires the TSI user to make somewhat detailed normative comparisons. The norm group composition and size to which TSI respondent scores are being compared are profiled in the balance of the tables in Chapter 3. Because some of the stress subscales' distributions tend to be positively skewed (most notably Behavioral Manifestations, Gastronomic Manifestations, and Cardiovascular Manifestations), the subscale and scale scores are compared to decile ranges as opposed to individual percentiles.

These comparisons can be made at the reference group level, the gender level, and/or the grade level.