Test Norms and Interpretation
 Relative Comparisons


One of the simplest and most practical means of obtaining a relative bearing with respect to a TSI Total Stress Score is to compare that score to the anchor points on which it was derived: Because this score is near-normally distributed for both the special education teachers (mean = 2.59; median = 2.56) and the regular education teachers (mean 2.64; median = 2.59), and since these values fall just short of the 3.0 "medium strength" mark, a score of 3.5 would place the strength of stress midway between medium and great strength, with the stressful events being moderately to very noticeable. Conversely, a score of 1.9 would place a respondent near the mild strength rating, with his or her stressful events being barely noticeable. Any total score at the higher end of the strength scale should be considered a potential problem.