Instructions for Administration
  Assuring Respondent Confidentiality


Many of the issues addressed by the item content of the TSI are of a sensitive and personal nature. Because it is important that respondents feel comfortable (or at least not feel uncomfortable) coming to terms with and honestly expressing their true feelings about these issues, certain steps should be taken to assure the confidentiality of the information they are providing. Under the best of circumstances, the TSI should be completed on an anonymous basis. Doing so frees the respondent from worry about identification, particularly if the TSI is administered on a small group basis. It is not always possible or advantageous to administer the Inventory on an anonymous basis. In some cases identification may be required in order to conduct longitudinal research or to provide feedback to workshop participants, for example. In such cases every effort should be made to use a code number (e.g., a contrived number or the respondent's social security number), a label (e.g., a contrived name), or some other form of identification that is not personally revealing.