Instructions for Administration
  Assuring Respondent Privacy


Respondents should complete the TSI privately, without discussion or interaction with other respondents. Knowing a colleague's answer to a particular item or set of items could bias an individual's responses. Thus, respondents should be tested individually or in group sessions in which privacy is assured. As already mentioned, it is possible for the respondent to complete the TSI at home, but there are a number of limitations associated with this procedure. First, the mental set related to and attitudes about one's home may differ from those associated with work. Completing the TSI in a non-work-related environment, therefore, could bias the responses to particular items. Second, respondents' answers may be biased if they talk with other people such as significant others, friends, and wives or husbands. And third, the response rate may prove to be less than 100%, as is typically the case in survey work. Following up nonrespondents is not a simple task, in terms of both financial and human resources. Completing the TSI privately should help control for some of these potential sources of bias.