Instructions for Administration
  Scoring the TSI


The Teacher Stress Inventory is easily hand-scored. It consists of 10 subscales, each subscale being composed of three to eight items. Because numbers have to be added and divided, it is advisable to have a calculator readily available-particularly in workshops being conducted in a limited time frame. The following procedure is used to score the TSI:

1. Assure that each of the items has been rated. Irrelevant or otherwise uncompleted items should be rated 1.

2. Score each subscale, one at a time. Then, note and follow the scoring directions at the end of each subscale. For example, sum the eight responses associated with Time Management, the first subscale on the TSI. Then, divide this sum by the number of items in the subscale-in this case, by eight (8). This is the teacher's mean item score, also termed subscale score, for Time Management. Place this score in the circle adjacent to and to the right of the scoring directions.

3. Proceed to the remaining TSI subscales and continue this process until one mean item score is derived for each.

4. To compute the Total Stress Score, sum the mean item or subscale scores in each of the circles, then divide this value by 10, the total number of TSI subscales. Place this value in the diamond on the third and last page of the Inventory. These mean item and total scores can then be interpreted using the procedure outlined in the following section of this site.