Inventory Development
 Scale & Subscale Intercorrelations


Table 13 presents the correlations among the derived subscale and total scale scores for the combined samples group. These data indicate that low to moderate positive correlations exist between and among the subscale scores (r range = .20, between Discipline and Motivation and Behavioral Manifestations and between Work-Related Stressors and Behavioral Manifestations, to .62, between Professional Distress and Professional Involvement). Almost 60% of the possible correlations exceeded the .40 level, while 16% exceeded .50. In reviewing the relationships between the subscales and the TSI total score, it was evident that Behavioral Manifestations was least related to the TSI total score (r = .53), whereas Time Management was the most (r = .73); all correlations exceeded the .50 level, 7 of the 10 coefficients exceeded the .60 level, and 4 of the 10 exceeded . 70. All correlations fell at or beyond the 0.001 level of probability, indicating that even the weakest of the relationships was nonetheless significant. All subscales and scale scores, therefore, were significantly related to all other TSI subscale and scale scores.