Inventory Development
 Scale & Subscale Means and SDs


Inspection of the means and standard deviations reported by the special education, regular education, and combined teacher samples for the TSI subscales and scale, presented in Table 14 , indicated that the strength of the subscales varied to a degree. The mean subscale scores for each of the three groups are ranked highest to lowest in Table 14; the rankings across TSI subscales for each of the three groups were identical. Time Management ranked the highest for the special, regular, and combined groups; Behavioral Manifestations the lowest. Overall, mean scores for the stress source factors were larger than were those of the stress manifestations; thus the strength of the sources of teacher stress exceeded that of the manifestations of teacher stress. Total Stress Strength means and standard deviations were identical for each of the three groups, with a mean of 2.6 and a standard deviation of 0.7; thus the samples reported stress strengths in the moderate range, with some variation across means for teacher stress factors.