Summary for Introduction


The Teacher Stress Inventory is a 49-item, 10-factor instrument that assesses the degree of strength of occupational stress experienced by American teachers in the public schools. Special and regular education teachers across elementary, middle, and secondary school levels provided data for the development of the Inventory. The five stress source factors are Time Management, Work-Related Stressors, Professional Distress, Discipline and Motivation, and Professional Investment; the five stress manifestations factors are Emotional Manifestations, Fatigue Manifestations, Cardiovascular Manifestations, Gastronomic Manifestations, and Behavioral Manifestations. The five stress source and five stress manifestations subscale scores can be summed and divided by 10 in order to derive a Total Stress Score. The stressful events measured by the Teacher Stress Inventory are different from those in other scales that address general stress or burnout in that the TSI assesses numerous stressful teaching events experienced on the job and in the schools.