Inventory Development
 Summary for Inventory Development


With respect to the validity of the TSI, it is apparent from the preceding sections that the occupational stress experienced by teachers is actually a multiple factor construct, that these factors are significantly related to one another, and that the stress factors were experienced by the norm group of 3,401 teachers at moderate levels. Also, the overall construct framed by the Teacher Stress Inventory is related to a number of work, job, and organizational variables in terms of both predicted directions and magnitudes. Teacher stress is related more to environmental events, and the teachers' perceptions of these events, than it is to personal or professional variables such as teacher gender, age, education level, number of students, and number of years teaching. Thus, the majority of the hypothesized relationships were confirmed. As additional data and findings are contributed by present TSI users, these relationships will be extended, confirmed, refuted, or modified.

With respect to the reliability data, it is apparent that the TSI is adequately reliable in terms of its alpha, split-half, test-retest, and alternate-forms reliability estimates. Thus, it can be used for both research and other field purposes, as well as for making group-to-group and individual-to-group comparisons.