Graphic Form of the TSI


Graphic Form of the Teacher Stress Inventory

Linked to this page are three popup screens, each of which has a graphic version of the TSI.  Since the graphics have been reworked for the sake of clarity, they tend to be rather large.  Each graphic can be saved and printed should you choose to not use the word-processed version...

TSI Page #1

TSI Page #2

TSI Page #3

I chose to not "slice and dice" the images -- which would have improved download times significantly -- in order the keep each page of the TSI intact as a single graphic.  Saving one graphic is much easier than saving a half-a-dozen for each page, then piecing them together via a paint program later on.  To save each page, call it up, let it finish loading, right click on it, choose "Save graphic..." from the popup menu, keep the name the same, and save it to your hard drive.

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