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About Us

At, we support the design of instruction, the adoption and use of instructional technology to enhance the design process, and the training of teachers and faculty requiring these skill sets.

Started as Ravenwood Software in the mountains of North Carolina in the Summer of 1985, the name was changed a few years later to to more clearly represent what we do and how we do it. Since then we’ve provided assistance to many teachers and faculty learning how to navigate the digital world.

Future Goals
We will continue to adopt, adapt, and use new tools to foster the rapid development of instructional materials for teachers and faculty teaching in the digital world.



We've offered four types of services at With time and changes in the ID field, we've progressed from one stage to the next, often defined by the technology of the date -- not to mention client requests, needs, and wants.  


Development of Multimedia Projects among Teachers and Faculty

Since 1993, through the funding of federal projects, we’ve been teaching faculty and public school teachers at different Colleges and Universities: Appalachian State University, Arkansas State University, Morehead State University, Providence College, and Becker College. Fifteen years later, many of these same skills and updates of the development apps were used in the corporate world of Kaplan University.


Advice and Recommendations for Building Online Instructional Projects

We’ve also provided advice and recommendations for building online instructional projects: Courses, Modules, and Digital Handouts. Based on our work with apps such as Astound, then PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Quest, Authorware, and Toolbook, we were able to provide faculty, teachers, and instructors with development paths for developing their own work.


Review of, Recommendations for, and Development of Online Instructional Projects

Review of, recommendations for, and development of online instructional projects: Courses, Modules, and Digital Handouts. With the development of Articulate’s 2005 Suite, then Engage and Quizmaker, Suite 2009 and Suite 2013, Storyline I, II, III and 360, and Suite 360, we’ve been able to provide schools, colleges, universities, banks, and corporate offices with quality online educational learning objects.


Free ID Training and Support for Teachers, Faculty, and Trainers

Based on earlier work with Camtasia, SnagIt, Powerpoint and Studio 2005, hundreds of online training videos were produced for faculty at Providence College; these skills were also used as a member of the Special Projects Team at Kaplan University across the development of over 50 courses. Currently, we are providing free training and support via our blog for those interested in learning about the use of Instructional Design practices for teachers, faculty, and trainers.


Need Help? Want to Learn about ID for Teachers?

Need assistance building an online course, module, or handout?  Click on Contact. Want to learn more about instructional design for teachers? Click on ID for Teachers, or check out our blog.