Ancient College Courses


Fimian was instrumental in designing and developing a number of courses that were taught at Appalachian State University (Boone, NC),  Utah State University (Logan, UT), and Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AR). Click the graphics to go to the particular institution. Keep in mind that some of these were done over a dozen years ago — and they’re showing their age.

PageMill, SiteMill, and Frontpage 95 and 98 were used to create these…

 Appalachian State

App State

C&I 3530
Multimedia Instructional Design
Site: Very basic
site developed to post course syllabus.
Total Prep Time:  60 minutes
Taught: Acad. Years 94, 95, 96, 97
Files: 09
Size:0.57 K
Links: 17

Utah State

Utah State

Sped 301
Introduction to
Handicapping Conditions

Site: (Very) Simple quickie
site developed to post student assignments.
Taught:Winter 1998
Size:0.57 MB
Links: 174
Ugliness 10 out of 10
Sped 578
Teaching Infants and Young
Children with Disabilities
In the Least Restrictive

Site: Moderately complex site taught entirely over the Web.
Taught: Fall 1997
Files: 816
Size:2.91 MB
Links: 2912
Sped 5710
Young Children with Disabilities:
Characteristics and Services

Site: Moderately complex site taught mostly over the Web, with some compressed video
Taught: Summer 1998
Files: 641
Size:4.44 MB
Links: 722
INST 645
Instructional Technology Theory and
the Learning Process

Site: Simple site of Syllabus and schedules;
the course was face-to-face.
Taught: Summer 1998
Files: 61
Size:1.25 MB


Arkansas State University

Arkansas State

ELED 3063/6063
Intro to Educational Technology

Site: Complex site of Syllabus, schedules, and handouts, PowerPoint files, and downloadable files.  Course was face-to-face.
Taught: Fall 1998, Spring 1999
Size:5.5 MB
Graphics:  208