Code Babies (2009-2010)

A recent development has been work constructing CodeBabies — small animated talking-head avatars. In some cases, we use these to give directions, in others the CBs (as they’re affectionately known) provide opening or closing summaries of a week’s worth of coursework. They’re rather flexible and expressive, with reasonably good body language (compared to that of their competitors). Easy to develop — though a bit pricey — they can add to a website as long as they’re not overly-done.

And, you can have fun placing well-known voices onto CB bodies…

These CodeBabies are developed using the CodeBaby Production Studio.


Olden CodeBabies Introduce
an Assignment
A Codebaby Begs for Job!

And gets slammed by Sally!

Codebaby Codebaby introduces a
discussion on Linux
Introduction to
a Discussion