Web Tours (2007-2009)

We occasionally are asked to develop a “walk-through ” of a website for students who will be using the website as part of their coursework These walk-throughs or “tours” (as we term them) come in two flavors.

The first is often very specific, with targeted pages that need to be reviewed or an established sequence of pages or objects that need to be examined, considered, or clicked.

The second type of tour is a more “loosey-goosey” introduction to a web site when the instructor has no specific agenda, other than requiring the students to be exposed to a “take a look at this” tour guide type of function.

The first type lends itself more towards structure, while the second type is easier to produce due to it’s informal laissez faire approach. More often that not, the first tour has a specific outcome, while the second tour type just exposes or orients the student in a general sense. The student could, for example, tour the White House or the Vatican web sites just to get a sense of the institutions that they represent. Where as an accounting course introducing TurboTax Online would have a specific set of steps for the student to follow in order to get more than just a feel for the site. Thus, the latter would have more structure to the sequence (do this, then click on this…).

These tours are developed using SnagIt 9, Camtasia 6, and — when good quality audio is required — Sound Forge 9.


Web Tours

US Dept of Labor US Dept of Labor Web Site
AAUP Web Site
ADA.Gov Web Site
NCS.Ed.Gov Web Site