Camtasia and PowerPoint Animation

Camtasia and PowerPoint Animation 


Wastewater Treatment Site Proposal

Creating a Scene



Anatomy of a DSLR Camera

What Happens to Light In Your Camera?


Instructional Design: Formative Evaluation

Types of Evaluation

Assessment of Student Learning

Formative Evaluation

Formative Eval OF a Course

Formative Evaluation IN a Course

Drawbacks of Summative Evaluation


Instructional Design: Development Models

ADDIE and Backwards Design

Dick & Carey: Backwards Design

Instructional Design Model: Dick & Carey

The ID Workflow: Getting Organized


Instructional Design: Miscellaneous

Building a Module or Course

A Convergence of Influences

Contributors to the Field of Instructional Design

Filling a Need


Instructional Design: Gagne

Contributor to the Field: Robert Gagne

Professional Evolution: Robert Gagne

Principles of Learning: Robert Gagne

Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction

Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction: An Example

Gagne’s Five Categories of Learning

Instructional Implications of Gagne’s Work


Instructional Design: Groundwork Before Releasing Your Course

Groundwork: Align the Elements of Instruction

Groundwork: Develop Your Ideas

Groundwork: Finalize the Model

Groundwork: Seek Resources

Groundwork: Storyboarding





Gettysburg Flyover

Gettysburg: The “Before” PPT Presentation

Gettysburg: The “After” PPT Presentation


Global Climate

Climate Models

Coal Mining



Finding the Distance Between Two Points