Skill Sets


Instructional design and field testing of instructional packages

Database development: primarily FoxPro and (way back when) dBase, some FileMaker Pro, and Access 2000, 2003, 2007

Systems analyst experience related to database applications

Teaching: eight years children (certified); seventeen years College and University

Supervisory (four years) and administrative (three years) experience: Budget Range of $10,000 to $68,000,000

Federal Project Management experience: seven years

Foundation Project management experience:  three years

Technical support and assistance expertise for PC-based systems

Occupational stress, survey, and needs assessment research

Workshop (approximately 350) and technical assistance consultant experience

Experimental design and statistical analysis using SPSS

Teacher, paraprofessional, and volunteer training and supervision

Article (three dozen) and textbook publishing (three and a half) experience

Training: teachers and faculty in the multimedia and the Web practices, procedures, instructional technology

Courseware experience:  seven years (Angel, some BlackBoard); 2.5 years as a Canvas Administrator