Teacher Stress Inventory

Welcome to the  Teacher Stress Inventory Site…

Thanks for your interest in the Teacher Stress Inventory (TSI).  Though the Inventory is currently out of print, there is still considerable interest in its use among Master- and Doctoral-level students.  As a support for their research activities, TSI-related information is being offered here free of charge.  Also offered is the use of the Inventory, at no charge, for research purposes.

Over the last decade, we’ve had requests from researchers from over 25 countries to use the Inventory;  apparently, stress is a world-wide issue!


Permission for Use

Consider this memo as permission to use the TSI at no cost to you;  you may want to print this for your committee and for the Graduate School.  Usually, they want an need some proof that you are legally using a scale. Please honor the copyright policy by using the Inventory for only research and other not-for-profit purposes.  You will need to provide us with basic information about who you are, however, so that we can stay in touch with you…

If you haven’t already done so, take a moment and contact Michael at Fimian@InstructionalTech.net to inform him of your interest in using the TSI.

Data Contribution

In return, we are interested in receiving a copy of your raw data file, your data bible, and the results chapter of your thesis.  These can be submitted in ASCII text form (or the data in either Excel Spreadsheet or Access Database format) via email to Fimian@InstructionalTech.Net.  In the future, we’ll reanalyze the factor analysis and internal consistency reliabilities, and update this online TSI Manual with your findings. With your permission, a separate page on this site will be established that contains your summary chapter.  Please include any references that your work may have with respect to Dissertations Abstracts or other abstract service so that your work may be reviewed online by other TSI users and potential users.  A summary will also be added to the “Other Variables” section of this site.  Include your email address as well, so that users who do have questions can easily get in touch with you…

Rest assured, your data will be used in no other way…


The Inventory and Terms of Use

A word-processed version of the Inventory can be found here…  Some formatting may be necessary, depending on your word processor.  Feel free to cut and paste the items stems and format your own version.  The wording of the stress items must remain the same, but you can alter and add the demographic items any way you see fit for your project…

Alternatively, a graphic version of the TSI can be found here

And a PDF version here.

Good Luck with your research!


The TSI on the Web

You can access the additional information regarding the TSI on the internet by using this link:



Table of Contents

The structure of the information nested in this web site is shown below;  this Table of Contents reflects the menu structure found on the left side of the screen, once you access the online version of the Manual.

Alternatively, you can access specific section of the manual by clicking on the following links.  Note:  these links bring up only selected pages, and not the menu structure of the entire Manual.


     Background of the Teacher Stress Inventory Model

     Definition of the Model

     TS1 Users Defined

     Distinctions from Other Stress Models

          Life Events

          Work Events


          Role Stress

          Type A/B Personalities


Instructions for Administration

     Suggested Uses

     Test Setting

     Avoidance of Sensitization to Teacher Stress

     Assuring Respondent Privacy

     Assuring Respondent Confidentiality

    Administering the Teacher Stress Inventory

    Insuring Response Completion


Test Norms and Interpretation

     Relative Comparisons

     Normative Data

          Significant Differences Among TSI Scores


               Reference Group Comparisons

               Gender Comparisons

               Grade Level Comparisons

Inventory Development

     Teacher Stress Scale

     The Initial Form of the Teacher Stress Inventory

     The Current and Final Form of the Teacher  Stress Inventory

     Item Selection and Analysis

         Face Validity

          Factorial Validity

               Early Work

               Recent Work

    Content Validity

     Scale/Subscale Intercorrelations

     Scale/Subscale Means and Standard Deviations

     Scale/Subscale Distributions

     Convergent Validity

          External Validation of Personal Experience

          Relationships with Personal Variables

          Relationships with Professional Variables

          Relationships with Other Constructs

     TSI Reliability

          Alpha Reliability

          Test-Retest Reliability

          Split-Half Reliability

          Alternate Forms Reliability


     Suggestions for Further Research